pyfuzzy - Python fuzzy package


pyfuzzy is a framework to work with fuzzy sets and process them with operations of fuzzy logic.

For more information see also the Wikipedia category fuzzy logic.


Some examples can be found at examples. They are not completely documented, but have a source documentation, so one can at least see what's happen there.

There are also some examples which use the Fuzzy Control Language to define their fuzzy systems.

News / Changes

Here some news/changes/highlights in the current version in SVN.

  • Reads Fuzzy Control Language files, if the antrl python runtime is available.
  • Fuzzification and defuzzification methods are now own objects to be assigned to variables.

Latest Release

The current release is 0.1.0. There changed several things against the previous release (0.0.2 from 2003), so old stuff probably won't work without adaption.

The most current version can be found in the SVN repository.


  • Extract the downloaded archive. (If you got it directly from SVN you don't need to do this step.)
  • Execute python install to install the package (or python help for more information about valid options.)


If you are interested in using or extending it, you are invited to join the project.

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